Friday, December 13, 2002


Timothy Findley's description of God:

"Apparently the carriage had been closed for many hours and Yaweh, perhaps, had been sleeping - even dreaming. Certainly, He seemed to be confused.The footmen waited patiently to help him down.

"Yaweh drew a small tin box from somewhere in His robe and opened it. His fingers were not as long as Emma thought they might have been, though part of the reason for this was plainly arthritis. The knuckles were huge and the fingers curled in unnatural shapes. Something was lifted from the box - placed against His lips and drawn into His mouth. God sucks lozenges! thought Emma, astonished. Just like Doctor Noyes!

"The box was replaced in its pocket and Yaweh put out first one and then the other of His broken, twisted hands towards the footmen. His robe could now be seen by the light of day and it was black with dark blue facings and, deep inside, where its linings could be seen in the sleeves, it was red. His beard flowed all the way to His waist and though it was white, there were yellow streaks and bits of food and knotted tats. His eyes were narrowed against the light and their rims were pink and watery - sore looking, and tender. His lips could not be seen, though where they were was marked by sweeping moustaches growing along the upper lip. His nose was like a bone and strongly hooked and it set Yaweh's eyes very wide apart beneath a broad, high brow that, together with His nose and the general shape of his head, made Him almost unbearably beautiful."

From Not Wanted on the Voyage.

More soon.

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