Tuesday, December 10, 2002


 For the first time in a few months, I picked up Entertainment Weekly this morning - it figures, since I was supposed to be reading about India's economic development. But that's by the wayside.

Sadly, the magazine tells me that the incomporable Elvis Costello has split from his lovely wife Cait O'Riorden, former bassist for the Pogues. I think I might have actually felt unnaturally sad at this news, and why? I've been an Elvis fan for years, but this doesn't mean he's retiring. I suppose I just feel a little pull whenever anything bad happens to someone who's been affiliated with a band once known as the Nipple Erectors.

I see also that The West Wing is listed among "What Blew" in EW's ratings review for NBC. Trying to explain the ratings slip among 18-49ers, NBC Entertainment president Jeff Zucker said, "Clearly the young women were taken away by 'The Bachelor'."


You know, I saw that show once. My God is all I have to say. I watch The West Wing, and if there really is a contingent of female viewers who watch both shows, they must watch WW solely to drool over the forgettable Rob Lowe - with the sound off. Anyway, no harm, no foul, because Lowe will soon be replaced by Joshua Malina, the kind of man I really drool over.

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