Friday, January 3, 2003


 An InstaPundit reader writes:

On Friday night we saw The Two Towers, and when Legolas swung himself backwards onto that moving horse, I think I got pregnant.

Really? Orlando Bloom is, of course, beautiful to look at, but I've never considered him attractive in any kind of sexual way (although when I first read this, I thought that Orlando himself had said it, and I got a kick out of that): he's like something that you buy at Chintz & Company for too much money, and then put in your living room to lean umbrellas on. Certainly not something that gets you pregnant; nothing that could play a male elf so convincingly would make anything as dirty as sperm.

Do I love Orlando? Of course! as Troy McLure would say. Like I love Fresca! But I leave the pregnancy-inspiring moves to... well, hopefully someone during my thirties.

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