Thursday, January 2, 2003


Well, it looks like my fifteen minutes are up. I just checked my hit counter and things seem to be quickly slowing (quickly slowing?) to their pre-InstaPundit rates. Well, that's not precisely true: having been an unknown with nothing of import to say, I am now a semi-known with, well, nothing important to say.

I wonder if the issue is that this site has no clear mandate, because even if that's the case I've no desire to give it one. Not having attended graduate school, I find it difficult to stay on any one topic for any great length of time: after a while, I'll even start to find myself boring.

Actually, I had no plan to advertise this site, although I'm flattered that it's been mentioned. With my fourteen-odd readers a day, I was able to keep the site on the level of pure whimsy, doing whatever I wanted with it, flooding it or ignoring it. But then I got the readers. All glory is fleeting. Beware the Ides of March. I didn't mind not having them - I was a bit gobsmacked by the attention, in a good way - but I do mind having lost whatever fraction is gone, because it forces me to face the notion that there's a population out there that I failed to hook.

Although I'm sure the situation wasn't helped by the fact that I hadn't posted in a couple of days.

Ah well. I do go on. I'll be back soon.

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